Bed Bug Bibs (Mesh)

High quality plastic mesh tasteless white Mesh and Nano Mesh. -- when bedbug has contact with mesh for more then 20 minutes this will repel and trap bedbugs , until they no more

  • No need to use insecticides or pesticides on bedding any more
  • Product life is up to 4 months
    a) Reduces the cost of repeated household spraying
    b) Reduces or eliminates professional services
    c) Buying new bedding over and over is eliminated
  • Disease prevention: Use of this product will cut off this transmission method people and children while they sleep
    a)certificated by S.G.S.
    b)Will pass W.H.O. requirement.
  • Function: Pest control: cover insect mesh (film), can control all kinds of BED Mosquitoes、flies、cockroaches
  • Material: Poly Ethylene (PE)/ Propane Polymer (PP)
    • Has a tensile strength, heat-resistant, water-resistant, corrosion-resistant
  • Size: bed mattress sized check labels